Sustainability with BeWell by Toastique

Our Cold-Pressed Juice Return System

It’s no surprise that plastic bottles, glass containers, and aluminum cans are filling up our garbage cans everyday. Not only that, they are responsible for 40-60% of roadside litter. And as consumers, it’s important that we are aware of how our everyday choices affect our planet at large. 

At Toastique, we know the responsibility we have as a business to uphold sustainable practices. Join us to learn about the various ways that we work to reduce our harm to the planet through our juice production, materials, and methods of disposal. 

Our Materials: Single-use plastic is especially harmful as it releases greenhouse gas emissions, while also exuding intensive energy to produce. Before the plastic bottle is even produced, the extraction, processing, and the transportation of their raw materials requires a significant amount of energy. We chose to use glass bottles for their longer lifespan and multi-use ability. The downside of glass is that the United States only recycles around 31% of the glass we use. Given this, we’ve worked hard to combat this problem and ensure our juice bottles are not ending up in landfills. 

Our Juicing: At Toastique, we pride ourselves in our juicing process. All of our juices are made in-house fresh, daily. We produce, bottle, clean and re-use our glass containers, which reduces energy consumption from transportation, as well as reduces the amount of glass we use. 

Methods of Disposal: We know that oftentimes convenience takes precedence over everything. We also know that recycling protocol can vary widely, and that even when we are recycling, our bottles can still wind up in landfills. This results in excess waste of single-use bottles, cans, and containers. We have worked to implement a system that could ensure - as well as encourage - that our glass bottles are being reused. 

We want to discuss the ways in which Toastique by BeWell are committed to limiting our waste and opting for sustainable practices whenever possible. In upholding our promise to limit our waste, we established our Juice Bottle Return System. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Purchase and enjoy a delicious Toastique Cold-Pressed Juice.

Step 2: Wash and return your Toastique juice bottle to any of our store locations. For every 8oz or 16oz bottle, you’ll receive $1 in credit towards a purchase. Plus, for every wellness shot bottle returned, you’ll get $0.25 towards your purchase that day. 

Join us in making a positive impact on the planet by helping us reuse our Cold-Pressed Juice Bottles. Buy it - Drink it - Bring it Back and Repeat.