The Skin Elixir – How to Heal the Skin through Cold-Pressed Juice

An expensive, multi-step skincare routine might not be the answer to nurturing your skin. Research has shown that food actually plays a bigger role in healing our skin than we might think. In fact, the best thing we can do for our skin is to feed our body with collagen-producing nutrients. Collagen is the protein that works to protect skin cells and boost the skin's elasticity through cell turnover. Its molecules are made up of amino acids that provide structural support to the extracellular space of connective tissue. In recent years, collagen has become a top-selling supplement to improve hair, skin, and nails and help to stall the effects of aging. Many of our most common fruits, roots, and vegetables contain this coveted protein. 

Not only can these superfoods provide hydration to the skin, they can improve skin elasticity, brighten, as well as improve fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. If the topical treatments might not be working for you, try healing your skin from the inside out. 

Best Ingredients for Brightening the Skin 

    • Kale - Contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that works to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Kale also is packed with carotenoids, a pigment that helps to protect your skin from sun damage. 
    • Pomegranate - Nutrient packed seeds that contain amino acids and vitamin C to support a radiant complexion and protect the skin from UV rays. 
    • Spinach – Vitamin A found in spinach supports tissue growth and keeps the skin hydrated and plump. Additionally, spinach is filled with iron, which can reduce the look of dull skin. 

Our Top Recommendations for Brightening: Balance and Cure

Best Ingredients for Boosting Collagen / Cell Turnover 

    • Orange - The vitamin C in oranges helps your body produce collagen, a protein that protects skin cells and leads to smoother skin.
    • Carrot - A collagen producing vegetable that supports skin elasticity and cell turnover. Carrots also contain beta-carotene, which helps protect your skin from sun exposure. 
    • Turmeric - Curcumin, found in turmeric, reduces inflammation to counteract dryness and strengthen elasticity in the skin. The boosted collagen and moisture results in less fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. 
    • Chia Seeds - These tiny seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and copper that contribute to healthy skin cell turnover and collagen production. Chia seeds reduce dryness and inflammation, decreasing signs of aging. 

Our Top Recommendations for Boosting Collagen: Defender and Green Seeds


Best Ingredients for Hydrating the Skin

    • Celery - Made of mostly water, this vegetable packs a punch of hydration and improves skins elasticity and firmness. Also containing vitamin C and luteolin, celery helps the skin protect against UV damage. 
    • Cucumber - Containing vitamin A, B, and C, the hydrating properties in cucumber helps to strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier.
    • Coconut Water - Packed with electrolytes, coconut water maintains fluid balance in the body helping to refuel and recover from energy loss.  
    • Watermelon - Containing 92% water, watermelon is a plant compound containing antioxidants to soothe and hydrate the skin. Given its extreme hydrating properties, watermelon strengthens the moisture barrier and contributes to glowing skin. 

Our Top Recommendations for Hydration: Summer Seeds, Metabolize, and Detoxify


Best Ingredients for Reducing Inflammation 

    • Beet - Rich in nitrates, beets reduce inflammation by removing the harmful compounds in the bloodstream. 
    • Pineapple - The enzymes in pineapple, called bromelain, work to suppress inflammation.
    • Basil - Essential oils found in basil, including eugenol, linalool, and citronellol work to suppress inflammation.

Our Top Recommendations for Reducing Inflammation: Recharge and Radiance


Unlocking the potential of superfoods can revolutionize our perception of skincare. It’s no coincidence that these superfruits dominate the market of our most sought-after skincare products. And, these benefits go beyond topical application. Extensive research has shown that there is a clear link between overall wellness and skin health. Healing the skin from the inside out is effective given the power that superfruits have at balancing hormone levels, mitigating stress, fighting inflammation, regulating your cortisol levels, shielding the body from UV damage, and infusing the body with nutrients. Even with the most effective topical products, some individuals still struggle to heal their skin. Elevated stress, imbalanced hormones, or persistent inflammation will hinder the skin's healing. Try prioritizing internal healing for transformative results. Check out our product pages for more information on our offerings and delivery locations. Here’s to finding the perfect skin elixir.