When to Drink Celery Juice for Maximum Benefits

Welcome to the ultimate guide on the transformative powers of celery juice! In this post, we'll delve into the optimal time to consume celery juice, the incredible benefits it offers, and the choice between drinking fresh juice and munching on whole celery stalks. Get ready to revitalize your mornings and discover a natural boost for your overall well-being. 

When to Drink Celery Juice 

Start your day with optimal hydration by sipping celery juice first thing in the morning. An empty stomach allows your body to absorb nutrients rapidly, cleanse the body of toxins, improves digestion, and ensures the body is hydrated first thing in the morning. Drinking celery juice before meals is crucial to avoid interference with the digestion process, maximizing nutrient absorption. Celery juice consists mostly of water, which makes it the perfect beverage to help your body recover from the dehydration from the night prior while also providing nutrients. 


The Celery Cleanse: One, Two, or Three Days?

Whether it's a one, two, or three-day cleanse, a celery juice cleanse will help reset the body by boosting it with hydration and nutrients. Your body absorbs celery juice faster when the stomach is empty. Fasting or not, even a few hours of abstaining from food can amplify the benefits of celery juice. Individuals who are interested in participating in a celery juice cleanse should be advised that celery juice is very low in calories, and may require one meal a day alongside the juice. For those looking to completely avoid food during their cleanse, we recommend drinking nutrient-dense juices alongside the celery juice to ensure enough nutrients are absorbed in the body. 

How Much Celery Juice Should I Drink?

For optimal results, start with 16 oz of celery juice at a time. Gradually increase your intake as your body adjusts. Remember to wait 15 minutes before consuming any other food, and when you do, opt for light and healthy options like toast, fruit, yogurt, or granola.

The Benefits of Celery Juice

Nutritional Powerhouse

Celery juice is a nutritional powerhouse, boasting essential vitamins such as A, C, K, and potassium. Dive into the wealth of health benefits that make celery juice a must-have in your morning routine. 

Anti-Inflammatory Wonder

Rich in antioxidants, particularly apigenin, celery juice prevents inflammatory responses and reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals. These inflammation-reducing compounds act as antioxidants that help oxidative stress. These diets are linked to boosting skin health and lowering rates of chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity, and cancers. 

Improved Gut Health

 Enhance digestion and balance hydrochloric acid in your stomach with celery juice. This aids in better digestion of fats and proteins, while efficiently clearing waste from the body. For optimal gut health, we recommend drinking unstrained juice to ensure you’re consuming the wonderful fiber found in celery. 

Radiant Skin

Celery juice’s high water content helps to hydrate the skin, supporting skin texture and maintaining healthy oil levels.  Celery juice has been known to improve the look and feel of the skin by helping to reduce blemishes and reduce the appearance of acne scars. Its anti-inflammatory powers may also provide relief from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Reduce Bloating

Celery juice's hydrating properties, combined with its natural diuretic effect, reduce fluid retention and alleviate bloating. Its high water content helps to flush the body, especially if you are drinking it first thing in the morning. Drinking unfiltered juice provides a boost of fiber to your diet, helping with bowel movements. This powerful juice claims to act as a natural laxative to the body. If you have sensitive digestion or a diagnosis such as IBS, please check with your healthcare provider before starting a celery juice regimen.

Additional Health Claims

While scientific evidence varies, some assert that celery juice may contribute to lowering cholesterol, and blood pressure, aiding in weight loss, treating constipation, and improving kidney function. Additional research is being done to discover the powers of celery juice, along with its fibers, seeds, and extract. 

Should I Add Other Ingredients to a Celery Cleanse?

Purity or Blend?

While it's best to stick to pure celery juice, unstrained if possible, adding a splash of cucumber or apple juice is acceptable if the taste is too intense. Please note that adding other ingredients may dilute the potent benefits.

Eating Whole Celery vs. Juicing Celery

Juicing vs. Blending

Juicing celery concentrates nutrients for a quick and efficient intake. Juicing reigns supreme for maintaining the optimal concentration of nutrients and keeps you from having to pull out your cheesecloth and deal with that pulpy mess. With that being said, whatever method is available to you is best. Whenever possible, use organic celery and wash it well before juicing. 

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