Cleanse Guide

Want to try a cleanse but not sure why? Ready to cleanse but not sure how? Read on below for all your questions answered!

All juices have a 4-5 day shelf life from the day you receive them. Please plan accordingly!


Why do a Juice Cleanse?


Preparing for Your Juice Cleanse


During your Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse FAQs

All juices have a 4-5 day shelf life from the day you receive them. The Cleanse is designed to start on the date you receive the juices to maximize freshness, flavor and nutrition. It is also important to ensure your refrigerator is properly cooling at 40 degrees or less. Cold pressed juice is very temperature sensitive. Please plan accordingly!

Absolutely! The best cleanse is the cleanse that works for you. If you get hungry, please do not suffer. You may enjoy a smoothie, bowl or toast from Toastique, make a smoothie with one of your juices as the base, a salad, soup, or anything healthy. If you are coming from a diet with lots of processed foods, sugar or fast foods, it is totally fine to have food on your cleanse. Depending on your starting point, having juice and healthy food is still a very valuable cleanse.

We definitely don't suggest going cold-turkey off coffee and starting a juice cleanse at the same time! If you want to try a coffee free experience, we recommend you try and get off the coffee before starting the juice cleanse. Otherwise, it is totally ok to have coffee on your cleanse. In order of least offensive, we like cold-brew best because it is less acidic, then black coffee, then coffee with non-dairy creamer, and then your regular latte. If you need sweetener, we prefer honey on a cleanse since it is also anti-viral and anti-bacterial with many other health benefits.

The text next to the ribbon icon on each cleanse product page gives a quick description for the level and benefits for the juices in each cleanse. You can also Book A Consult for free and we will be happy to help you choose.

If this is your first cleanse, you may want to start with 1 day and see how you feel. Another option is to purchase a one day cleanse and have 2 juices a day for 3 days and then work up to a one day or more. While one day is very beneficial (think taking one day off work!), most people feel a change with 3 days.

Sure! We have many guests that cleanse for 6 days or longer. However, we don't recommend jumping right into a long term cleanse. We do suggest talking to your health care providor for cleanses longer than 3 days in a row. Many people enjoy fabulous results with cleansing 3 days a week for a month or longer. Check out our subscriptions for savings if you want to make weekly cleanses part of your wellness plan.

If this is your first cleanse, we recommend taking it easy and just walking or stretching for exercise. If you are experienced or have always been a light eater, feel free to enjoy light exercise.

Unfortunately, we can't rush Mother Nature. We can, however, help her along! Hot baths with soaking salts, saunas, and light yoga can assist the detox process. Greens are the most potent detoxifiers, so if you can handle a lot of Green Juice, try our Grass is Greener for the strongest cleanse!

You can follow the same suggestions above in Preparing for Your Cleanse for 3 days after. Try to embrace how you feel better and why. Enjoy your lighter feeling and having more energy at your disposal. We recommend keeping 2 juices a day in your diet as a meal or snack replacement.

Most women lose 1 pound a day on a 3 day cleanse. Men can lose up to 2 pounds a day. However, please remember weight loss is not the goal, but it is a nice side-effect and a great tool to jump-start a weight loss program.